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Co-Active Coach


“It seems too easy to say that Jamie is a GREAT coach. What makes Jamie great is her ability to stay focused on what's important, appropriate and meaningful insights, a heart-felt connection and a commitment to her clients that goes beyond a weekly call or meeting.  Jamie sends me emails during the week as a way of reminding me she is there for me AND to keep me focused.”

                             - Heidi Michaels, Personal Trainer, Life Coach & Mental Game Coach


" I am so glad that I began co-active coaching with Jamie. Working with Jamie has helped me clarify my values, rediscover my creativity and harness both to shift from limiting perspectives to identifying helpful perspectives that allow me to approach challenges with greater choice and authenticity. Jamie brings warmth, honesty, humor and unconditional support to our sessions, and her encouragement and suggestions have helped me make positive changes in my life that reinforce and complement what I learn through coaching. If you are looking for greater self-empowerment and personal growth, I highly recommend co-active coaching with Jamie!"                                        –  Katy, Attorney 


"Coaching with Jamie Winnick has been extremely helpful in my journey to becoming my best self.  She has helped me become more aware of my inner voice, instead of being influenced by others' thoughts and opinions.  She has also helped me gain clarity by guiding me to take actions and surround myself with people that are in alignment with my values.  She has held me accountable and has been an encouraging presence in my life.  I’m grateful to be coaching with Jamie - I feel more empowered and have found love and acceptance within."

                                                                                                   – Marisa Dargahi -Performer


“‪Life coaching with Jamie has been life-changing. And I mean that in the most sincere and honest way possible. There has been a focus; a determination and a narrowing sense of what my core values and goals are with the guidance and assistance of Jamie’s coaching. I feel clearer, and the growth in my life, both in my career and even spiritually, has been at a highly exponential rate. I recommend her to any and all individuals I come into contact with, because she’s THAT good.”                                 –  Joel Daniels. Poet, actor, Media Branding



Acting Coach


"It has been an honor, a blessing, and a delight to work with Jamie Winnick as my acting coach. She is warm, devoted, and skilled. She has the uncanny ability of being able to pull from places within the actor the actor themselves may not have been aware existed. She is a gentle, yet firm teacher. She has a sharp eye, and is a great motivator. She is understanding, flexible, a great listener.I highly recommend Jamie Winnick as your guide!"

                                                               – Joel Daniels, actor, poet, hip-hop artist, writer


“Jamie is an amazing acting coach and co-active life coach. She helps you to find that deep connection within to be able to portray a character as genuinely as possible. With her focus on language, Jamie really urges her students to understand everything their character says. As a life coach, Jamie uses her skills to help her clients to find that thing within themselves that will help them live a better life. I for one have surely developed a special relationship with Jamie because of her true intent of helping others. I am thankful to have her in my life.”                                                         – Johnathan Dougan, Singer, Actor  


"Jamie Winnick is a wonderful dramatic coach.  She recently helped me immensely with a role in an episode of a popular television series, and it was invaluable. She gives an actor on-target tips on analyzing one's character, the relationships to fellow characters in the scene, and very important to me: listening more productively."  – Katherine Argo, actress


"I first studied with Jamie Winnick when I went to La Guardia High School. She never judged or compared us to one another. Our classroom environment was extremely safe and humbling. She gave me the confidence and freedom that allowed me to explore my character in and out. If we were stuck or having trouble getting into the flow, her questions helped us get where we needed to be. The way she was able to break down a script and help us relate to a character was almost like a scientific method or finally understanding algebra once you know the formulas to solve for X. She made it really simple and fun to live in the moment and inspired me to be the greatest actor I could be. There is something about having such a supportive teacher/director who truly loves what they do and has no ulterior motive. I highly recommend Jamie Winnick as a teacher, and director."                                                                – Nicole Clouse, actor


"Jamie Winnick has an eye of great perceptiveness, an irrepressible sense of excitement for the work, an innovative approach founded on the basics, an artistic spirit enriched by years of experience in theatre, and a heart filled with love and empathy for artists young and old, striving towards truth and beauty in the performing arts. "                                           – Joe Muzikar, actor 

"Jamie Winnick gets to know her students as individuals-- not just as actors. She is also incredibly nurturing and helps you find the truth in a character, by remaining true to yourself. Her teaching style is unique and she always knows how to guide you in the right direction towards your acting goals. I love her!"                                                                                        – Juliana Estrella, actor, fitness instructor




"Jamie Winnick is a creative and talented arts educator with a flair for inspiring students. Regardless of a student's age, ability or background Jamie has a unique way of finding the right approach to involve the student in the learning process while at the same time building self esteem, cooperative behavior and respect for others." 

Fawn Wilson White, International Chairman of Friends of the Certosa di Capri / Amici della Certosa di Capri


"When asked to serve as a professor for CUNY/CAT's United Arab Emirates partnership, Jamie did not offer a knee jerk "yes," but vetted the position thoroughly before she accepted it. She understood the challenges and complexities of working with our students and wanted to make sure she was the right "fit." It was emblematic of the thought and care she brought to her teaching -- and she was most definitely the right fit to lead the "Literacy, Drama and Dramatic Writing" course." 

– Helen Wheelock, Director, CUNY- Creative Arts Team Early Learning Program: NYC Wolf Trap


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